Ryan Panchadsaram

White House Deputy Chief, Presidential Innovation Fellow, and former Microsoft Designer Ryan Panchadsaram combines his diverse background to address health literacy and doctor-patient collaboration.

Ryan Panchadsaram, the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House, works with the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT and the Department of Veterans Affairs on Blue Button. This initiative is designed to enable millions of Americans to easily and securely download their own health information. Ryan’s previous posts include a stint at Ginger.io, a spin-off from MIT Media Lab, using big data to transform health. He has been a Fellow at Rock Health. Pipette, the company he founded and incubated at Rock Health, was ultimately acquired by Ginger.io. Ryan has also worked at Salesforce.com and at Microsoft, where he filed multiple patents. Ryan serves on the board of SeventyK, a young adult cancer advocacy group.