Jen Hyatt

Entrepreneur Jen Hyatt tells how online social networks can act as a Greek chorus of support to those struggling with a mental illness.

"We don’t get well in isolation, but in community." - Jen Hyatt


Jen Hyatt is the founder and CEO of Big White Wall, a digital behavioral health service that delivers personalized support and recovery pathways via a safe and collaborative platform of peers, professionals, and evidence-based third-party providers. The UK National Health Service identified the company as a High Impact Innovation based on improved quality of care and financial outcomes for its users. Having founded or helped establish more than 30 social impact organizations in over 20 countries, Jen’s work earned her mention in 2013’s Top 50 Innovators in Healthcare by the Health Service Journal and in a 2014 list of ten women to watch by Disruptive Women in Healthcare.


Q&A with Jen on the TEDMED blog

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