Bob Carey

Don't take life tutu seriously

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About Bob Carey

Professional photographer Bob Carey took a self-portrait wearing only a pink tutu after he and his wife Linda moved to New York in 2003. Eight months later, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, reminding Bob that laughter can be the best medicine. The tutu returned and Bob photographed himself wearing it in unlikely places—subway stations, amusement parks, beaches, parking lots—lifting the spirits of Linda and her fellow patients. The work, now referred to as the “Tutu Project,” went viral on the Internet in 2012. The overwhelmingly positive reaction inspired Bob to make a book of the images entitled Ballerina and to start a nonprofit foundation supporting women and their families during their journey with breast cancer.

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About This Talk

Bob Carey, a photographer, speaks about the power of humor to help cancer survivors, and shares the “Tutu Project” – a viral series of stunningly silly videos and still self-portraits originally launched to cheer his wife while she battled breast cancer.

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