Goldie Hawn

Academy Award-winner Goldie Hawn is known to millions as one of the screen's most beloved actresses. Her memorable performances have endeared her to audiences around the world and she has touched millions more with her work as a best-selling author and humanitarian. In 2003, Goldie founded a non-profit, public charity, The Hawn Foundation, dedicated to helping children reach their highest potential. As schools struggle to meet the challenges of limited resources, increasing accountability and a crisis of confidence, educators are looking for innovative and affordable ways to break the current educational gridlock. And in an era of rising global competition and an alarming jump in youth depression and suicide, this need has never been more urgent. Working with leading neuroscientists, educators and researchers, the Foundation has developed a curriculum for grades K-7 that provides children with emotional and cognitive tools to help them understand and improve their own emotions, moods and behaviors; reduce stress and anxiety; sharpen concentration; build confidence, increase empathy; and improve performance in school. Goldie believes that providing children with a "toolbox for life"--simple strategies they can use throughout their day--greatly enhances their chances for success and happiness at school and in the future.