John La Puma

Culinary Medicine in Action

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About John La Puma

Nutrition specialist, chef, author, and practicing physician John La Puma lives and works on an organic farm in Santa Barbara, California, where he grows avocados and rare citrus, makes wine from local grapes, and harvests honey. After training in internal medicine and clinical medical ethics, he attended culinary school in Chicago (part of Cordon Bleu), became the first physician to teach cooking and culinary medicine at a US medical school, and cooked professionally at Topolobampo, a Chicago-area restaurant.

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About This Talk

Chef and physician John La Puma entertains us with his colorful demonstration of garbanzo guacamole on the TEDMED 2014 stage. His short talk is a brilliant testament to how each ingredient we choose holds the medicinal power to positively affect our well-being.

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