E. Bimla Schwarz

E. Bimla Schwarz, a women’s health expert and scholar of evidence-based data, sheds new light on the maternal health benefits of breastfeeding.

“There is a simple and natural way to spare tens of thousands of women from having heart attacks each year… yet less than 8% of hospitals are fully promoting this approach.” — E. Bimla Schwarz


Eleanor “Bimla” Schwarz is a model clinician, researcher, professor, and thought leader in women’s health. With training both in medicine and epidemiology, she is committed to seeing the big picture and religious about telling evidence-based stories when it comes to the well-being of women around the world. She has recently transitioned from her position as director of Women’s Health Services Research Unit at the University of Pittsburgh to Professor of Medicine at University of California Davis and Medical Director of the UCSF FamilyPACT Evaluation Contract. Bimla has served as a Senior Medical Expert in Reproductive Health for the US Department of Veterans Affairs and an Associate Editor of NEJM Journal Watch Women’s Health.


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