Suchi Saria

Bringing AI to the bedside

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About Suchi Saria

With an interest in Bayesian and probabilistic modeling approaches, Suchi Saria’s work focuses on addressing the challenges associated with modeling and prediction in complex, real-world temporal systems. Suchi also has a passion for addressing challenges related to the use of data-driven tools for decision-making. As Director of the Machine Learning and Healthcare Lab at Johns Hopkins University, Suchi and her team are working to enable new classes of diagnostic and treatment planning tools for healthcare. These tools are designed to tease out information from datasets that will provide reliable inferences for individualizing care decisions.

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About This Talk

AI Health Pioneer Suchi Saria tells us that data is all around us. Together with machine learning, data can save more lives. In her TEDMED 2020 Talk, Suchi takes us on a journey of perseverance and ingenuity. A story of personal tragedy led Suchi to build a platform that delivers targeted real-time early warning solutions for early detection of patients at risk for major complications. Suchi argues that the effective integration of AI into health and medicine requires that Electronic Medical Records are accessible for integration with other systems. Another critical recommendation has to do with policy and financial incentives. It is not enough for technology to merely show that it improves patient outcomes. Suchi reminds us that for critical adoption of life saving technologies, these technologies must align with financial incentives for healthcare organizations.

Watch Suchi Saria’s powerful TEDMED 2020 Talk "Bringing AI to the bedside,” to unlock the future of AI and machine learning to save lives.

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