Suchi Saria

In A Nutshell 

Data is all around us. Suchi Saria explores how to synthesize data and utilize machine learning to save lives.

About Suchi

An AI expert and health AI pioneer, Suchi Saria's research has led to myriad new inventions to improve patient care. Her work first demonstrated the use of machine learning to make early detection possible in sepsis, a life-threatening condition (Science Trans. Med. 2015). In Parkinson's, her work showed a first demonstration of using readily-available sensors to easily track and measure symptom severity at home, to optimize treatment management (JAMA Neurology 2018). Suchi currently holds a John C. Malone endowed chair at Johns Hopkins University, with appointments across engineering, public health, and medicine. She is also the Founder of Bayesian Health, aiming to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare by empowering providers and health systems with real-time access to essential clinical inferences. She is the recipient of numerous prizes and honors, including being named a Sloan Research Fellow, a National Academy of Medicine Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine, MIT Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  
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AI Health Pioneer