Soka Moses

For survivors of Ebola, the crisis isn't over

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About Soka Moses

At the height of Liberia’s 2014 Ebola outbreak, newly trained physician James Soka Moses took on one of the toughest jobs in the country—working in one of Monrovia’s largest Ebola Treatment Units, managing a high volume, highly contagious patient population while adopting a collaborative, systems-based public health approach. Once Ebola transmissions reduced, he turned his focus to Liberia’s thousands of survivors through the Ebola Survivor’s Clinic, providing treatment, support and training for patients and leading an important program to mitigate sexual transmission of the disease. In 2017, Soka was featured in the CNN documentary Unseen Enemy, which recounts the effects of the Ebola, SARS and Zika pandemics, as well as the consequences of emerging infectious disease threats on global health security. 

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About This Talk

Just two years after graduating from medical school, Liberian physician Soka Moses was thrust into the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Many of his fellow doctors and nurses fled the country once the dangerous disease started quickly claiming lives, but Soka stayed behind, determined to help keep people safe at home and abroad.

When the worst of the outbreak was over, Soka saw that many Ebola survivors were facing ongoing health issues and stigmatization from their community for being infected. With limited government funding and resources to care for these patients, Soka shifted his attention, providing treatment, training, and support at the Ebola Survivor’s Clinic. Watch Soka’s 2017 TEDMED Talk to be inspired by his courageous work treating Ebola patients during, and after, the epidemic. 

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