Sangeeta Bhatia

Designing tiny tools to find a tumor

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About Sangeeta Bhatia

Cancer researcher, MIT professor, and biotech entrepreneur Sangeeta Bhatia works to adapt technologies developed in the computer industry for medical innovation. Trained as both a physician and engineer, Sangeeta’s laboratory leverages ‘tiny technologies’ of miniaturization to yield inventions with new applications in tissue regeneration, stem cell differentiation, medical diagnostics, predictive toxicology, and drug delivery. She and her trainees have launched more than ten biotechnology companies to improve human health. Sangeeta has received many honors including the Lemelson-MIT Prize, known as the ‘Oscar for inventors,’ and the Heinz Medal for groundbreaking inventions and advocacy for women in STEM fields. She is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Science.

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About This Talk

Harvard-MIT physician, bioengineer and entrepreneur Sangeeta Bhatia shares how she led her multidisciplinary lab to develop an unusual breakthrough in cancer diagnostics. While this talk was originally created with Sangeeta in partnership with TEDMED, we were honored to support her in also sharing this talk at TED Broadway in partnership with PBS.

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