Seun Adebiyi

Insights from an athlete, advocate, and survivor

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About Seun Adebiyi

One week after graduating from Yale Law School and starting work as a hedge fund analyst, Seun Adebiyi was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia. His best chance of survival was a stem cell transplant. The experience inspired him to organize Nigeria’s first bone marrow donor drive and launch the Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Nigeria, the first one in Nigeria and only the second accredited registry in Africa. Seun now directs the American Cancer Society's Global Scholars program, training advocates to advance cancer screening, treatment, and palliation in low income countries. He is also training to become Nigeria’s first Winter Olympic athlete, and Nigeria’s first Olympian to compete in both winter and summer games.

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About This Talk

Cancer survivor and Olympic hopeful Seun Adebiyi astounds us with stories from his quest to conquer the impossible – and what he has learned about himself along the way.

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