Louise Greenspan

Weighing the causes of early puberty

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About Louise Greenspan

Pediatric endocrinologist Louise Greenspan has been a co-investigator in one of the longest and largest North American studies following young girls through puberty. She is based at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and is also a Clinical Professor appointment at UCSF. With co-author Julianna Deardorff, a Berkeley professor of Maternal and Child Health and adolescent psychologist, she wrote The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today’s Girls. Louise was once told by a friend in college she would be the next "Dr. Ruth" because she was so comfortable discussing taboo subjects in public. In many ways, by freely discussing girls’ pubertal development and its causes, she has fulfilled this prediction.

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About This Talk

Pediatric endocrinologist and UCSF/Kaiser researcher Louise Greenspan reveals the unusual suspects causing early puberty in girls.

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