David Odde & Black Label Movement

If truth is beauty, can art be science?

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About David Odde & Black Label Movement

David: David Odde is a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota, who studies the mechanics of cell division and migration. His group builds computer models of cellular and molecular self-assembly dynamics, and tests them using digital imaging of cells in engineered microenvironments. Black Label Movement: Black Label Movement (BLM) is a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN based dance theater led by choreographer Carl Flink who is dedicated to creating wildly physical, naturally virtuosic, intellectually and emotionally engaging art. BLM is recognized for its intense athleticism, daring risk taking and variety of performance modalities beyond the traditional concert dance structure.

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About This Talk

How did an unlikely collaboration become so fruitful? Biomed engineer David Odde asked Black Label Movement dancers to help him interpret science, gaining insights into his own research in the process.

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