Foteini Agrafioti

Beating passcodes: Getting to the heart of your identity

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About Foteini Agrafioti

Foteini Agrafioti left her native Greece to pursue a PhD at the University of Toronto’s Biosecurity Lab. She quickly became a star - named “Inventor of the Year” in 2012 by the University - for her biometric technology, HeartID, which is capable of authenticating user identity based on an electrocardiogram. Foteini is the co-founder and co-inventor of Nymi, the first wearable device to authenticate users with this technology. She is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Architech, and founder of Architech Labs, where she does research on human behaviour technologies. Foteini has published widely in the area of biometric security and telemedicine, exploring edgy terrain such as the impact of emotions on EKG signals and otoacoustic emissions as a form of personal identification. 

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About This Talk

Biometric and personal security engineer Foteini Agrafioti raises concerns about today's passwords and IDs, and shares how your body may provide easier, and more accurate, forms of identification.

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