Todd Coleman


UCSD sensor innovator Todd Coleman shares his quest to develop health monitoring tattoos that hold promise for revolutionizing health care monitoring and making medicine less invasive.


UCSD Bioengineering Professor Todd Coleman integratively spans the disciplines of medical electronics, machine learning, and public health. His research develops multi-functional, flexible bio-electronics and novel analytics methods to benefit patients and clinical decision-makers. After a PhD in Electrical Engineering at MIT, Todd did a neurosciences post-doc and became an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer engineering and Neuroscience at University of Illinois before joining the faculty of UCSD. An avid public health advocate, Todd understands the value of collaborating with community health programs to truly implement and deliver sustainable innovations to those who need it most.


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Publications: Neural Interaction Lab
A comprehensive list of publications produced by Todd's laboratory


Multidisciplinary Bio-Electronics Innovator