In A Nutshell 

The study of childhood anxiety is a close topic to Anne Marie Albano. Her research is focused on the development and testing of psychosocial treatments for anxiety and mood disorders, and in understanding the impact of these disorders on the developing youth. 

About Anne Marie

Anxiety awareness expert, Anne Marie Albano is a leading pioneer in clinical child and adolescent psychology. As Professor of Medical Psychology in Psychiatry at Columbia University, Founding Director of the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders and Clinical Site Director of New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Youth Anxiety Center, Anne Marie’s work has influenced a myriad of cognitive behavioral treatment manuals. She has also contributed to the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for Children for The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). She has served as Principal Investigator for multiple NIH funded studies examining the relative efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, medication, combination treatment, and pill placebo in youth. Her book with Leslie Pepper, You and Your Anxious Child: Free Your Child from Fears and Worries and Create a Joyful Family Life, was a 2014 ABCT Self-Help Book Award winner and 2014 Self-Help Book Award winner from the American Society of Journalists and Authors.
Tackling youth anxiety

Youth anxiety, depression and suicide – An unfortunate headline we see too often.

Today’s youth have a far more complicated path to adulthood than their parents despite all the advantages they have. In our ever more wired and high pressure world, our youth feel less and less connected. Researchers ask “why”, and follow the science to possible answers.

To make change, we must foster our youth’s resiliency, empathy, and sense of empowerment. These speakers discuss why it is critical to help our youth escape the trap of perfectionism, build coping and problem solving skills, learn how to manage stress under pressure, connect with the community, and establish meaningful friendships.

This Playlist highlights the challenges of youth anxiety and brings hope that we have the answers within ourselves and our communities.