Pritpal S Tamber

What's the human factor that lets innovation succeed?

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About Pritpal S Tamber

Pritpal S. Tamber helps qualify and select speakers and assists with strategy for the stage program. A physician with over 12 years’ experience in creating compelling content in health and medicine, Pritpal is the founder of Optimising Clinical Knowledge, a UK-based consultancy that helps organizations devise and deliver clinically credible strategies with measurable impact on care.

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About This Talk

What does it take for innovation in health care to gain traction with the clinical community? Pritpal S Tamber, physician, TEDMED Clinical Editor, and Founder of Optimising Clinical Knowledge, explores the roots of many doctors' doubts and cautiousness, the impact on their willingness to change, and whether a deeper understanding of doubt can be the fuel to propel innovation.

Pritpal S Tamber - Q&A at TEDMED 2013

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