Andy Blackwell

What if personalized technology could ensure that no one is held back by mental illness?

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About Andy Blackwell

Andy Blackwell is a scientist and healthcare technology entrepreneur who believes that the data in our healthcare systems will fuel the discovery of a new generation of treatments and eradicate "trial and error" from medicine. This year he launched "8 Billion Minds", a ground breaking technology programme using deep learning to decode and democratise the treatment of conditions affecting mental health. Andy trained in cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Cambridge and has worked extensively with neuroscience labs and major pharma, biotech and medical devices companies around the world. Andy is Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer at Ieso Digital Health in Cambridge, UK.

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About This Idea

Eight Billion Minds is developing new technology to deliver accessible and personalized psychological therapy on a global scale. By applying deep learning and clinical data science to hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world therapy data, Eight Billion Minds is determining what really works to help patients get better. Eight Billion Minds is a research and development program of Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s largest provider of online mental healthcare.

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