David Hoey

What if vaccination was as simple as applying a patch to the skin?

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About David Hoey

David Hoey, CEO, has more than 25 years of executive-level experience in business development, licensing, strategic planning, and financing for technology companies. His experience spans preclinical and clinical development of therapeutics and vaccines, and molecular diagnostic assays and platforms. Mr. Hoey has completed over $425 million in corporate partnering transactions and equity financings in the United States, Europe, and Japan and has secured extensive contracts for government sponsored research. Mr. Hoey is a board member of publicly listed Universal Biosensors Pty. Ltd.

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About This Idea

David Hoey, CEO at Vaxxas, explains how infrastructural challenges limit the access and efficacy of traditional liquid vaccine delivery in certain regions of our world. Watch David’s TEDMED Hive 2018 Talk to hear how a revolutionary vaccine patch can deliver vaccines more safely and widely to save millions of lives.

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