Sean Brady

What if the best pharmacy on the planet is waiting to be discovered in the soils beneath our feet?

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About Sean Brady

Sean F. Brady graduated with a degree in molecular biology in 1993 from Pomona College in Claremont, California. He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cornell University in 2001. In 2002, he moved to Harvard Medical School as a fellow in the Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology. He was named an instructor in the department of biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Harvard Medical School in 2004. In 2006 he moved to The Rockefeller University as an assistant professor. In 2018 he was promoted to Evnin Professor at The Rockefeller University. In 2016 Sean founded Lodo Therapeutics.

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About This Idea

Antibiotic resistance is a critical, and potentially devastating issue that threatens humanity’s ability to fight disease. Sean Brady, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor of Lodo Therapeutic, believes that, while rates of antibiotic resistance have risen, there is a giant, untapped reservoir of potential therapeutics that isn’t available using traditional culture-based approaches to drug discovery. Watch Sean’s TEDMED 2018 Hive Talk to discover how extracting bacterial DNA straight from the ground we walk on might provide access to novel life saving antibiotics.

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