Yuri Maricich

What if your phone could treat disease?

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About Yuri Maricich

Dr. Maricich leads the Clinical and Regulatory team at Pear Therapeutics as the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Development. Dr. Maricich is a licensed, board-certified physician, investor, clinical developer and strategist. He works to improve patient health and our healthcare system by providing care, investing in, advising, and providing leadership at innovative firms. He has led successful teams and programs at healthcare and life science firms, including Corixa (acquired by GlaxoSmithKline), Xdynia (acquired by Cavion), Cavion, AWS, and Pear Therapeutics, and also maintains clinical practice. Dr. Maricich earned his MD degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine, MBA from Harvard University, and his undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. He completed internal medicine training at the University of Virginia Health System.

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About This Idea

These days, it’s hard to dispute that phones are essential to our lives. According to Yuri Maricich, CMO and Head of Clinical Development at Pear Therapeutics, our phones have the power to change us - not just superficially, but at the biological level. Watch Yuri’s TEDMED 2018 Hive Talk to discover how phones, through cognitive behavioral therapy, can treat disease and change lives.

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