Ron Alfa

What if we could map all of human biology?

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About Ron Alfa

Ron Alfa is Vice President of Discovery & Product at Recursion. In his role, Ron leads Product across Discovery Biology, Data Science, and Engineering, working closely with teams to execute on Recursion’s vision of reimagining drug discovery through AI. Prior to Recursion, Ron cut his teeth on startups at the Stanford-affiliated accelerator StartX. In his academic career, he has developed molecular therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease, discovered metabolic hormones, and puzzled over the basis of the placebo effect. He holds a BS in Animal Physiology & Neurosciences from UCSD, an MA in History of Medicine from University College London, and a PhD in Neurosciences and MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. Ron is a first-generation college graduate, and recipient of the prestigious Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans.

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About This Idea

It can take years - even decades - for a drug in development to finally reach patients. Leveraging today’s technology, Ron Alfa Senior VP of Recursion Pharmaceuticals, is working with his team to create a map of human cellular biology. Ron explains, in his TEDMED 2018 Hive Talk, that by aggregating data at the cellular level, new drugs can be tested and delivered to patients in a fraction of the time it takes today.

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