Miriam Huntley

What if we could sequence the genome of every bacterial pathogen?

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About Miriam Huntley

Miriam Huntley is the CTO and a Co-Founder of Day Zero Diagnostics, a genomics startup developing a rapid diagnostic for bacterial infections. She leads the machine learning and genome sequencing work at the company. Prior to founding DZD, Miriam earned her PhD in Applied Math at Harvard University and her BSc. from MIT in Physics. For her PhD she developed quantitative methods for problems in biology, and her work discovered fundamental structures in the three-dimensional folded genome. Her academic work has been cited over 2000 times, covered widely in the public media by outlets such as NPR and Forbes, and exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum.

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About This Idea

Today, antibiotic resistance is on the rise, simply because it takes too long to culture a bacterial infection, identify it, then match it with the appropriate antibiotics. Day Zero Diagnostics is using genome sequencing and machine learning to identify antibiotic resistance of a pathogen, directly from it’s genome. Watch Miriam Huntley, CTO and Co-Founder of Day Zero, in her TEDMED 2018 Hive Talk to learn how taking the blindfold off of bacterial infection treatment can save thousands of lives.

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