John Martin

What if medical imaging was as accessible as a doctor's stethoscope?

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About John Martin

John Martin is the Chief Medical Officer of Butterfly. Using his 30+ year medical background working with a variety of institutions and his 16 years experience as a surgeon, John is the acting liaison between Butterfly and the medical community, giving valuable industry insight. John is also the Chief Medical Officer for 4Catalyzer and the President of the Heart Health Foundation. 

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About This Idea

When a patient visits their doctor, what they often remember most is waiting. Time is costly for both patients and doctors, and the traditional diagnostic process is lengthy. John Martin, CMO of Butterfly Network, believes that time to treatment could be shaved from hours to minutes using an affordable, portable ultrasound device that connects to smartphones. Watch John’s TEDMED 2018 Talk to see how Butterfly’s handheld diagnostic tool is providing a window to the body and democratizing healthcare for everyone.

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