Queen Dube

How a neonatal health innovator saves lives in Malawi

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About Queen Dube

Pediatrician Queen Dube is identifying challenges in neonatal care, developing and implementing new technology solutions at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), the largest tertiary unit in Malawi, in collaboration with Rice University. As a Consultant Pediatrician, Queen teaches medical students and conducts research on pediatric HIV, neurodevelopment, and neonatal infections. She currently serves as the principal investigator on a neonatal sepsis study, co-principal investigator on a neonatal meningitis clinical trial, and co-investigator on a Group B vaccine trial. Queen was one of the physician partners at QECH who oversaw the clinical aspects of Rice 360°’s Pumani CPAP clinical study funded by a Saving Lives at Birth seed grant in July 2011. Queen is a co-PI on NEST360, a multi-institutional initiative to halve neonatal mortality in Africa, which was selected as one of four finalists in the MacArthur Foundation’s $100 million grant competition, 100&Change.

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About This Talk

After witnessing first-hand, the stark contrast between infant mortality rates in England and her home country of Malawi, Queen Dube became a catalyst for change. When she started to work to obtain the technological innovations necessary to improve neonatal care and reduce infant mortality rates in Malawi, she learned that the best western technologies are not always the right fit.

Empowering frontline health workers to be a part of the solution has proven to be an important part of process when working to change health outcomes for some of the most vulnerable among us. Watch Queen’s TEDMED 2018 Talk to learn more about her work to close the equity gap in neonatal healthcare.

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