Kevin Lyman

What if we could learn from the collective insights of every doctor in the world?

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About Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman attended RPI, where he changed his major eight times, eventually graduating with a BS in Computer Science. His degree was further delayed by the nearly two years he took off to travel the United States working at various companies.
Kevin’s first job was at Hasbro, where he designed and rapidly prototyped novel high-tech concept toys like EEG-controlled Nerf guns. From there, Kevin went to SpaceX, where he developed sensors and control circuits for the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon space capsule, as well as early simulation models for the Grasshopper landing system. After that, he worked at Microsoft, where he designed new features for Excel and developed a real-time error monitoring system for Office Online.
Kevin is also the founder of The Inventor's Guild, a team of roughly 30 students from five of the top American universities who earn course credit and money consulting for start-ups. Competitive at heart, Kevin is a former professional Halo 2 player and was once the world's highest ranking warlock in World of Warcraft. Since then, he has focused this energy elsewhere, winning over 50 awards from hackathons, business plan competitions, and pitch competitions.

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About This Idea

While some are skeptical or fearful about artificial intelligence replacing human jobs, Kevin Lyman, COO and Lead Scientist at Enlitic, believes that AI should be embraced in health and medicine. At Enlitic, Kevin and his team are using deep learning artificial intelligence to draw on the collective insights of the global medical community in order to distill actionable insights that can improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses. Watch Kevin’s 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to learn how Enlitic’s solutions are helping doctors help you.

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