Jo Schneier

What if empathetic storytelling solved our healthcare recruitment and training problems?

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About Jo Schneier

A native of Israel, Jo Schneier has been developing cutting-edge educational technology products since 1999. With his Cognotion colleagues, he built the two leading digital language products delivered via the Internet in the US foreign language K-12 market.

Jo was inspired through his work at Cognotion to found a new company, He started this company after observing that families that have a healthcare crisis—dementia, addiction, autism, or major depression—need all kinds of help that is not healthcare related. makes it easy find, book, and hire the professional support you need—from a babysitter who understands the challenges of autism, to an elder care lawyer who can help you deal with your sister who stole all of Mom's china. The mission of Trusty is to make it easier to care.

Jo has also developed learning applications for governmental and corporate environments that were validated by third party efficacy trials as highly impactful.

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About This Idea

Jo Schneier, CEO of Cognotion, believes that stories have the power to shape people’s identity and give their life meaning. In an effort to help provide the growing aging population with caregivers, Jo and the team at Cognotion are harnessing the power of story and developing powerful, narrative-based training to inspire people to become caregivers. Watch Jo’s 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to see how Cognotion is not only teaching people the skills they need to work as caregivers, but also instilling a sense of pride in that their work truly matters.

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