Nadja Oertelt

What if scientists and the public could understand each other?

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About Nadja Oertelt

Nadja is a former research scientist, science media producer, documentary filmmaker, and a co-founder of Massive, a company that works to directly connect audiences to scientists and their stories. She has worked as a researcher in labs at MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge University, and worked as a producer at Mashable and Buzzfeed. Her work elucidating science for the public has been published in The Atlantic, Vox, and Vice. She worked at HarvardX for almost four years producing one of the first Harvard massive open online courses, The Fundamentals of Neuroscience, for over 200,000 international science enthusiasts and learners.

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About This Idea

Massive is an online community for the science curious that works to connect researchers and scientists to the public. Nadja Oertelt, the company’s co-founder and Chief Content Officer, leads a team that trains scientists to become expert science storytellers—helping to make their complex work more easily understood by general audiences. In her 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk, Nadja makes the case for how forging these new science communication pathways can help to ensure a better shared future for us all.

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