Karen Hogan

What if everyone had the power to design, grow, and test new organisms?

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About Karen Hogan

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Biorealize, Karen Hogan, PhD, has a long history teaching others how to experiment and create with biology. Her research experiences in environmental biology and microbial freshwater ecology inform the cutting-edge curriculum she designs for Intro Biology, Microbiology, and Biological Design courses she teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. Born out of a desire to make it easier for scientists and designers to collaborate, Karen and her cofounders, Orkan Telhan and Mike Hogan invented Biorealize’s Microbial Design Studio, an all-in-one bioprototyping tool and network to design-build-test new innovations for the rapidly expanding bioeconomy.  

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About This Idea

Karen Hogan, CSO and Co-founder at Biorealize, wants more people to be able to solve problems using biology, and they’re making it possible with their Microbial Design Studio. This general-purpose bioprototyping tool machine allows anyone to design, culture, and test genetically modified organisms in the lab or in the field. Watch Karen’s 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to learn more about the company and it’s role in the next industrial revolution: biofabrication.

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