Mudit Garg

What if A.I. and machine learning could make healthcare more personal, more human?

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About Mudit Garg

Mudit Garg serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Qventus, an AI-based decision management platform for hospital operations. In his role at Qventus, Mudit works with some of the top health systems across the country, including academic, community and safety net hospitals. Prior to Qventus, Mudit co-founded Vdopia and Hive. He also spent time in McKinsey & Company’s healthcare practice helping large providers with organizational transformation and performance improvement. Mudit is a Stanford-StartX mentor. He earned his MBA and Master of Science, Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and Bachelors from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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About This Idea

At Qventus, CEO and Co-founder Mudit Garg and his team have developed an AI-based software platform to improve healthcare operations and maximize medical professionals’ impact. By monitoring hospital data in real-time, the Qventus platform acts as a virtual air traffic controller for hospitals, helping to remove decision-making overhead from staff so that they can spend more time focusing on the patient experience and providing care. Watch Mudit’s 2017 TEDMED Hive Talk to learn how hospitals are seeing benefits across a wide range of outcomes, as well as positive impacts on medical costs.

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