James Hamblin

Talking simply, not simplistically, about health

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About James Hamblin

Journalist, improv comedian, and physician James Hamblin breaks the mold of traditional media doctor. After completing medical school at Indiana University and specializing in radiology, James joined The Atlantic to develop and write its health section. Now Senior Editor of The Atlantic, he also hosts its hit video series “If Our Bodies Could Talk,” which earned him a spot as a finalist in the Webby awards for Best Web Personality. James’ writing and videos have been featured in The New York Times, Politico, NPR, The Guardian, Elle, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, The Awl, The Los Angeles Times, and Marketplace, among others. According to TIME, James is among the 140 people to follow on Twitter; to Greatist, he is among the most influential people in health media; and BuzzFeed has called him "the most delightful MD ever.

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About This Talk

As a journalist, improv comedian, and physician, James strives to communicate simply with the public about complex health issues, without being simplistic. In his 2017 TEDMED Talk, James shares some novel ways to talk about health and tips for adopting communication approaches that people actually listen to and trust. 

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