Tanzeem Choudhury

What if tracking mental health were as easy as tracking steps?

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About Tanzeem Choudhury

An internationally-acclaimed pioneer in behavior sensing technology, Tanzeem Choudhury is the President and CEO at HealthRhythms and an Associate Professor of Computing and Information Science at Cornell University. Tanzeem received her PhD from the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and built some of the first mobile sensing systems. She has been awarded the prestigious Technology Review TR35 award and TED Fellowship.

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About This Idea

HealthRhythms is on a mission to become the world’s number one solution for tracking clinically meaningful changes in behavioral health. They give patients the resources they need to integrate impactful changes in their behavioral patterns to achieve a more balanced life and better mental health. By capturing critical behavioral information–from physical activity, technology use patterns, to rates of speech, and more–HeathRhythms provides a more complete picture of individuals’ mental health with clinically actionable insight. Pioneered by a team of successful startup founders and internationally-recognized leaders in tech, business, and medicine, HealthRhythms is completely redefining how mental health is understood and managed in the twenty-first century.

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