Megan Klimen

What if computers could map tissue the way they sequence genes?

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About Megan Klimen

As Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and 'Chief Officer of Squish' (histology and sample prep), Megan Klimen is the glue that holds 3Scan together by keeping the daily flow of the company moving along while handling the details at all ends. 

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About This Idea

3Scan is changing the way the world looks at tissue. By automating the time consuming and error filled process of manual histology, 3Scan is not only making the histology workflow orders of magnitude faster with its robotic sectioning microscope, it is also creating a completely new way to look at tissue and tissue scale diseases. 3Scan is able to stack histology images to create a full 3D view of the tissue with resolution of less than 1 micron across the X, Y, and Z axis. 3Scan is using this technology to give more accurate results during pre-clinical trials for drug discovery and to help researchers answer basic anatomical questions that have been impossible to visualize with traditional methods. 

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