Andrew A. Radin

What if new medications could be found in minutes instead of years?

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About Andrew A. Radin

Andrew A. Radin is Co-Founder and CEO of twoXAR. Under Andrew’s leadership, twoXAR is laying the groundwork for innovative and competitive new business models that have the potential to redefine the drug discovery landscape through software-driven approaches. Andrew developed the company's proprietary algorithm, and as CEO is focused on overall company strategy, product development and fundraising. Prior to co-founding twoXAR, Andrew held Chief Technology Officer roles at several early-stage companies where he managed teams as large as a hundred technologists distributed around the world. Andrew studied biomedical informatics in Stanford University's SCPD graduate program and holds MS and BS degrees in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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About This Idea

Using the latest data science techniques in biomedical informatics, twoXAR has developed the next generation of drug discovery technologies and is changing the way the biopharmaceutical industry discovers new, life saving treatments for unmet medical needs. It takes decades and billions of dollars to bring new therapeutics to market and there are many diseases, common and rare, where there are inadequate treatments for patients. The company’s platform uses proprietary algorithms to identify drug candidates up to 175,000x faster than traditional wet lab-based methods. The platform can instantly, and without bias, screen massive drug databases to identify candidates with a high probability of efficacy. It is also disease agnostic and has been tested on more than 40 conditions to date in therapeutic areas.

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