Rajaie Batniji

What if we could redesign the healthcare experience from scratch?

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About Rajaie Batniji

Co-Founder and Chief Health Officer of Collective Health, Rajaie Batniji, oversees partnerships with healthcare networks and healthcare providers, analytics teams, and Collective Health’s employee health management programs. Collective Health brings together Rajaie's academic and professional careers as both a physician and a political economist, and his aspiration to create a better and more efficient health insurance experience. Rajaie is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he previously trained in Internal Medicine. He received a PhD in International Relations (Political Economy) from Oxford University where he was a Marshall Scholar, an MD from UCSF, and BA and MA degrees from Stanford University.

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About This Idea

Collective Health is a software and services company creating the healthcare experience we all deserve. The company’s team of engineers, designers and actuaries are redefining the $1 trillion-dollar market of employer-sponsored health benefits with data driven products. Using Collective Health’s complete health benefits solution, companies can design, administer, and transform the consumer experience of health benefits by harnessing the power of design and technology.

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