Sandy Jen

What if non-medical caregivers could reduce the cost of health care and lead to real reform?

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About Sandy Jen

Sandy Jen co-leads technology at Honor. Along with Honor’s CEO, Seth Sternberg, Sandy co-founded Meebo, a consumer Internet company that brought instant messaging to the web in 2005. She led Meebo’s engineering team and joined Google after Meebo was acquired in 2012. Sandy graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University. She loves mentoring young entrepreneurs and is active in the women-in-tech circles.

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About This Idea

Honor™ is a comprehensive home-care solution currently available in San Francisco and Los Angeles that helps older adults live in their own homes with joy, comfort and grace. Honor offers the highest quality care by combining the best care professionals with smart, easy-to-use technology that makes it fast, easy, and effective to schedule, deliver and manage quality care.

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