Christian Braemer

What if we invested in research the same way we do in the stock market?

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About Christian Braemer

Christian Braemer's background spans the entrepreneurial, social venture, financial services, non-profit, sales, hospitality, and military sectors. Prior to co-founding Benefunder, Christian started Joe Media, one of the first national, free WiFi networks which later merged with OpenEye Global, a leading digital out-of-home agency. Before that, Christian was a financial advisor with one of the largest firms in the US while also volunteering his time as President of the Swedish American Chamber, co-founding Hunger at Home, and sitting as Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Connect. Christian was a sergeant/section commander with the Danish Army's 1st Infantry Division where he was elected vice national spokesman for enlisted personnel.

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About This Idea

Benefunder is a marketplace for research that matches philanthropic capital directly with research programs at top institutions. What makes Benefunder unique is that it has the largest network of research programs and that it distributes funds through wealth management channels by integrating with Donor Advised Fund providers. Using Benefunder, a donor gains unprecedented access, efficiency, and engagement with best of breed programs from across the country. Benefunder currently has over 650 vetted programs under contract, hosted at 55 institutions covering all stages and categories including health, technology, environment, and the arts and humanities. It also has institutional partnerships with Harvard, Stanford, UC San Diego, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Syracuse, Children’s National Health System, University of Florida, and the International Computer Science Institute, making it the largest community of researchers.

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