Anna Thomas

What if patients and providers could communicate like they do with friends and family?

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About Anna Thomas

As Hale’s founding CEO Anna Thomas sets company strategy and leads operations across the company. Previously, Anna worked at Apple on the original iPhone team managing international rollout and carrier partners. Four iPhone and two iPad launches later, Anna left to join the founding team at West, a product and communications consultancy working with startups in San Francisco. Anna graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Political Science and received her MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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About This Idea

Hale Health is a remote care platform that connects clinical teams and their patients between office visits. Hale is secure, easy to use and free. In the US alone, patients make roughly 3.5B visits to primary care providers each year—and yet over two-thirds of these visits could be handled remotely. Hale believes that flexible tools designed to extend care beyond the four walls of the clinic can improve access, efficiency and outcomes. Hale supports an ongoing relationship between providers and patients to enable quick treatment of acute issues, efficient chronic disease management, routine health maintenance and follow-up. Providers can conduct live video visits, send and receive secure messages, share photos and videos, and send structured questionnaires and health education from the devices they use every day.

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