Laura Indolfi

What if drugs could be delivered only where they are needed?

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About Laura Indolfi

Italian biomedical entrepreneur Laura Indolfi is the CEO and Co-Founder of PanTher Therapeutics. Her scientific expertise covers a broad range of therapeutic areas and approaches. Together with her strong technical background, Laura has hands-on business and managerial know-how developed during her biomedical business training at MIT and Harvard Business schools. Laura holds MS and BS degrees in materials science and engineering and a PhD in biomaterials from the University “Federico II” of Naples, in Italy. Prior to PanTher, Laura was a research associate at the Harvard-MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science and served as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. She was selected as a TED Fellow in 2016.

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About This Idea

PanTher Therapeutics is a privately-owned, early stage company in the pre-clinical phase that provides superior technologies for revolutionizing the treatment of inoperable, locally advanced solid tumors. The first indication is Pancreatic Cancer, the 3rd cause of cancer death, with only 8% of the patients surviving beyond 5 years, and one of the most painful diseases where excruciating symptoms arise from the primary mass invading nearby vital organs. By changing the route of administration, using novel localized drug-eluting systems able to provide mechanical support, they dramatically enhance chemotherapeutic efficacy while improving quality of life. In addition, PanTher’s solution provides the socio-economic benefit of a more cost-effective management of healthcare.

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