Ricky Solorzano

What if every scientist had a simple way to build with life?

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About Ricky Solorzano

Co-Founder and CEO of Allevi, Ricky Solorzano, built the prototype BioBots 3D bioprinter in his dorm room after he was frustrated by the high cost and inaccessibility of equipment. He now has been a Forbes 30 under 30, Inc 30 under 30, and Buisness Insider 100: The Creators #65. As CEO, Ricky leads the vision and strategy of Allevi that continues to shape the future of bioengineering and bio-fabrication.

About This Idea

BioBots consist of hustlers, innovators, wizards and change-makers. Their mission is to engineer biology to cure disease, eliminate the organ waiting list, revert climate change and live on other planets. They ultimately want to improve lives and push the human race forward. Biobots enables this by empowering others to easily create living systems through their platforms of hardware, software and wetware. The first product is an easy to use 3D bioprinter that is revolutionizing 3D biology by empowering scientists around the world to create human 3D tissues.

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