Shobhita Soor

Making insect farm-to-table dining trendy

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About Shobhita Soor

Shobhita Soor is a founding member and Chief Impact Officer of Aspire Food Group, a disruptive business that aims to innovate and advance responsible insect farming and consumption. Recipient of the prestigious Hult Prize, Aspire’s founders recognized the importance of alternative protein sources, due to population growth’s impacts on water and arable land. With offices in Canada, Mexico, Ghana, and the US, Aspire aims to make insect protein more accessible, bringing it to dinner tables around the world. At Aspire, Shobhita develops business strategies that comply with the cultures of potential markets. She also executes projects to educate rural farmers in insect farming and breaking through into formal economies. She received a joint law and finance degree (BCL/LLB/MBA) from McGill University in 2015.

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About This Talk

Founding member of Aspire Food Group Shobhita Soor acquaints us with a commonly overlooked but sustainable source of protein, and the cultural obstacles faced in introducing it to dinner tables around the world

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