Jeff Karp

Insight outside: harnessing nature’s secrets

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About Jeff Karp

Jeff Karp’s research focuses on stem cell engineering, biomaterials, and medical devices inspired by nature. He has many inventions to his name including slug-inspired tissue glues, parasitic worm inspired microneedles, jellyfish inspired cell-sorting chips, and a gecko-inspired medical tape. Jeff’s other innovations include a novel neonatal skin adhesive and a nanoparticle prophylactic approach to prevent contact dermatitis. He is the co-founder of two startups, Gecko Biomedical and Skintifique. He is also an inaugural member of the TEDMED Editorial Advisory Board.

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About This Talk

Jeff Karp, bioengineer and Associate Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, illuminates the art and science of developing medical tools, treatments, and technologies from solutions found in nature.

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