Erica Frank

Eliminating the barriers to global medical education

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About Erica Frank

Preventive medicine specialist and environmental activist Erica Frank has pioneered the use of digital learning in medical education. In 2001, Erica founded, the world’s first portal to free, accredited higher education, including medical school, public health, and residency teaching. Starting with a focus in the health sciences, partners with leading universities, professional societies, and government organizations (including the CDC, World Bank, and WHO), giving learners throughout the world credit for this training—all for free (and carbon-free). As a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Preventive Medicine and Population Health at the University of British Columbia, Erica also researches physicians’ personal and clinical prevention habits. Erica has traveled and worked in over 60 countries, and owned the first energy-independent home in Georgia.

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About This Talk

Founder of NextGenU Erica Frank turns many assumptions about medical education on their heads with her revolutionary prescription for ending the global shortage of physicians.

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