Ram Sahasranam

Why the doctor can't see you now

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About Ram Sahasranam

Ram Sahasranam quit his job as an investment banker just one day after seeing his first TED Talk. He is now the co-founder of Xtremum Solutions, the creators of Praxify, a cloud-based, speciality-specific, no typing required, electronic health record and practice management system. Ram is also the CEO and Managing Director of Prime Technologies and Innovations, which is dedicated to commercializing clean technologies and building sustainable infrastructure in East Asia. He was instrumental in bringing TED to India, and serves as a TEDx ambassador. Married to a doctor, he is also a passionate racer and an award winner for building India’s first student Formula-style racecar.

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About This Talk

Entrepreneur and racecar enthusiast Ram Sahasranam shares an innovative approach for bringing doctors up to speed and increasing time spent face to face at the doctor's office.

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