Lisa Sanders

In A Nutshell 

Lisa Sanders is determined to provide sound medical advice around some of the most difficult medical mysteries.

About Lisa

Board-certified internist and Emmy award-winning producer at CBS News, Lisa Sanders, is author of the popular New York Times Magazine column, “Diagnosis” in which she explores how a doctor is able to make a diagnosis in patients whose baffling symptoms have repeatedly brought them back to the doctor's office or emergency room. Lisa is able to translate the intricacies of medical science and technology into stories that the reader can understand and enjoy. Lisa is featured in the Netflix documentary series called Diagnosis. In the series, Lisa follows eight patients with mysterious symptoms as they search for answers by harnessing the “wisdom of the crowd”. By telling each patient’s story in the pages of the New York Times and inviting readers to share their thoughts and knowledge on the symptoms, she uses crowdsourcing to lead these patients toward a diagnosis. Lisa was also a consultant for the hit TV series, “House M.D.,” which was based on her column.
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Diagnosis Detective