Jyoti Sharma

In A Nutshell 

After realizing that water scarcity was a perpetual challenge in her home country, India, Jyoti Sharma took matters into her own hands. Jyoti brings together people and resources to create a sustainable approach to water conservation.

About Jyoti

Jyoti Sharma is committed to improving the health and well-being of communities across India by facilitating social innovations that improve water security and sanitation. After being confronted with an intractable problem in her community—water scarcity—Jyoti fused her economics and business background to address a key healthcare concern she witnessed all around her— ailments related to water insecurity. In 2004, she founded the FORCE Group of Nonprofits with an interdisciplinary approach to addressing water conservation. A nationally acclaimed organization, FORCE brings access to clean water in communities, reducing the burden of disease. Jyoti is an Economics Honors graduate from Delhi University, business management alumnus from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM), an Ashoka Fellow, and a 2016 Taubman Fellow and Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Brown University. She has been nominated to several policy-making and advisory committees for Water Conservation, Safe Water and Sanitation of the Indian Union and State Governments. Jyoti has authored articles for international publications in addition to authoring the book, Effective Social Innovation.
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Water Conservationist