Joseph Shin

In A Nutshell 

By conducting detailed forensic medical evaluations, physician advocate, Joseph Shin works to advance justice, accountability, and health for displaced populations. 

About Joseph

Public health advocate and physician researcher Joseph Shin has dedicated his career to elevating the voices of survivors of torture, asylum seekers, immigrants, trafficking victims and individuals in immigration detention. Joseph uses his expertise to conduct detailed forensic medical evaluations to document evidence of human rights abuses and advocate against injustices. At the heart of this work are innovative interdisciplinary partnerships with legal aid and human rights organizations, combining medical, public health, research, legal and advocacy tools to advance justice, accountability, and health. Joseph currently serves as Assistant Professor of Medicine, member of the Cornell Center for Health Equity, and past Co-Medical Director at the Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights - where he oversaw the medical forensic evaluation, training and research programs, in addition to a new interdisciplinary partnership with Cornell Law School focused on health, human rights and law. He is a recipient of the Legal Aid Society’s Pro Bono Publico Award and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest’s Felix A. Fishman Award for his work advancing health and justice.

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