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 sj Miller explores the many ways that schools, and society as a whole, can compassionately support whatever gender a person identifies with, and make space for all. 

About sj

sj Miller is a trans*+disciplinary award-winning teacher, writer, activist, and scholar. sj's research focuses on trans*+disciplinary perspectives on social justice, and marginalized student literacies and identities with an emphasis on gender identity. sj has written 7 books, including Teaching, Affirming, and Recognizing Trans and Gender Creative Youth: A Queer Literacy Framework, which was awarded the 2017 AERA Exemplary Research Award for Outstanding Book and the 2018 Outstanding Book by the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. sj is a contributor to CBS News, BBC, and PBS and appeared in the feature documentary, Gender: The Space Between on CBS. sj is Coordinator of the Joint Masters Teacher Certification Program in Secondary English Education and English as a Second Language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and consults on professional development for teaching, affirming, and recognizing trans*and gender creative/expansive students.

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Gender Identity Justice. Coming soon.

Navigating trans*⁺ and non-binary gender identities. Coming soon.

Teaching, Affirming, and Recognizing Trans and Gender Creative Youth. 2016.

Educators Queering Academia. 2016.

​Generation BULLIED 2.0. 2013.

Change Matters. 2010.

Narratives of Social Justice Teaching. 2008.

Unpacking the Loaded Teacher Matrix. 2007.

A queer literacy framework promoting (a)gender and (a)sexuality self-determination and justice.” English Journal. 2015.

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Gender Identity Justice Educator