Zoë Keating

In a Nutshell

As her husband battled stage IV cancer, Zoë Keating fought for simplified medical insurance with her cello and her blog.

About Zoë

Often called a one-woman orchestra, Zoë Keating fuses her unique background as a cellist and information technologist to sample and loop her cello onstage, creating a digitally enterprising experience for her audience. Zoë is famous for releasing her albums independently, reaching #1 on the iTunes classical chart without a traditional record label. While staying true to a grassroots approach to music, Zoë has composed for several television, film, and performing arts ventures. In 2014, Zoë paused her music career after her husband was diagnosed with stage IV non-smoker’s lung cancer, documenting their struggles with healthcare and insurance on her blog. Named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, she serves on the boards of the Magik Magik Orchestra and CASH Music, and she continues to advocate on her late husband’s behalf for patients, data portability and the simplification of medical insurance. 

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Zoë Keating plays Escape Artist, 2011.

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Defender of Medical and Musical Rights