Suzie Brown


Cardiologist and singer-songwriter Suzie Brown will give a vulnerable, evocative performance that will tug at our heartstrings. She will be accompanied by her husband, Scot Sax.


Suzie Brown writes songs to process her life. For a singer-songwriter, it’s not so unusual, but she’s also a cardiologist, used to being stoic and avoiding her own vulnerability at work. Suzie’s music ranges from tender balladry to reggae-tinged blues and buoyant folk-rock. She has been named a finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong contest and a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Her 2011 debut Album Heartstrings has been featured at Starbucks, The Gap and Anthropologie. Her second album, Almost There, was entirely fan funded. Yet, for all that she’s accomplished musically, Suzie has no intention to abandon medicine; she’s a congestive heart failure/cardiac transplant specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. But, music, she says, is who she is.

"Bluesy, folky, achy, sweet-voiced Suzie Brown. A practicing cardiologist pursuing a career in singing (her own songs) and playing the guitar, she's part Emmylou Harris, part Allison Krauss, and totally worth seeing." -Philadelphia Magazine

"There's nothing common about this rising talent." -WXPN


Our Album Doesn't Like You Either
Scot Sax & Suzie Brown

"Good Everything" Official Video
Scot Sax & Suzie Brown

"Almost There" Official Video
Scot Sax & Suzie Brown

Song Premiere: Suzie Brown, “Almost There”
Maxwell E. American Songwriter. 2014.

Cardiologist & Singer Songwriter Suzie Brown Tells Her Inspiring Story
YouTube. 2011.

Vocals, Guitar, and Stethoscope
Hartnett K. Harvard Magazine. 2011.


Download Suzie's song, "Sometimes Your Dreams Find You," for free here. 

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